Entry: Wish You Were Here
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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
Live the music, JSto. Music is the soundtrack of life.
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Official Comment From Jessica
While on the subject of photos: If you’re at the ArcLight this month, then swing by the upper gallery and scope the Low Overhead photography exhibit.

You will see me there.


Behind glass…

And looking awesomely spastic.


From Q
You hang with Skunk Baxter?

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From DJ
And your favorite song is...?
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Official Comment From Jessica
a secret.

From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net
Why can't I have muscians following me around where ever I go? Mind you, if they did, it would probably get really annoying really fast.
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From Stef
I always wanted to be able to walk through my town and have a guy standing there with a guitar singing just like on Gilmore Girls. That guy is cool.

Love the new pics Jess!
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From Steve
Her favorite song should be "Awesome" by the Temptations.
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From Jessica #2
I was thinking more along the lines of the theme song from "Fame."

Yep, definitely a Sto song.
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From Mal
New pics = teh hotness.
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From Pauly D
Website: http://pauldavidson.net
Freeeee music. Yeaaaaaaah!
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From EdwoodCA
Great pix, Jessica!
Hey Stef, just a heads up: that guy that plays the town troubadour on Gilmore Girls is Grant Lee Phillips, formerly of Grant Lee Buffalo.


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From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
Or "Eye of the Tiger" - I could see that as a J. Sto song.

Going to the Arclight tomorrow night in fact, for a midnight showing of the best movie in the world aka Serenity. Will check you out.

Having a musician follow you around reminds me of There's Something About Mary - there's just something about Maaaarry. One of those guys ended up shot, didn't he?
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Official Comment From Jessica

Eye of the Tiger is my ringtone.

It gets me pumped.

From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com

I *knew* it. I just downloaded it the other day as one of my 50 free downloads I got from Apple when I won the iPod.

It rocks.
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From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
P.S. I had to actually download it since I don't have a live musician following me around town - I'm just not cool enough, so an iPod is it for me.
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From Rob
How lovely you are!

And I totally mean that in a non-patriarchal-women-have-skillz-beyond-just-bein'-purty
sort of way.

A guitarist following me around would creep me out, but to each his own.
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From dave
Website: http://www.truthspeaker.org
I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

GodDAMN you are beautiful!
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