Entry: I Don't Love NY
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From Kelli
I LOVE NEW YORK!!! It is my OZ, and one day I want my yellow brick road to lead me there... I love the husle busle of people and cars, culture surrounding your every footstep, the sight and sounds of the city bring me to life.... I love nature but seriously I love the city so much more... I just wish it wasnt so cold in the winter time,if we could only relocate NYC to SC it would be the ultimate place on earth.. City and Surf.. Anyways I'm so LAME...

Official Comment From Jessica
See? So many people LOVE NYC. I tried, but I can't feel that way about that city.

You forgot to add the excellent shoe shopping to your list of pros. (And Conan O'Brien.)

BTW: NYC + SC = LA wink

From Amanda
Have you posted any of your photos on the "PHOTOS" section on this site. Cuz I wanna see them.
And what's this shoot you're talking about? You have to tell some time SOON! wink
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Official Comment From Jessica
I swear they are coming soon! (Still.)

From KT
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
I love NYC. I was just there in Nov... dec 18th was my bday. happy bday KT!
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