Entry: So Many Fires
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
PS: I just spent an hour clicking “Random Scroll” in the Dead Sto Scrolls.

Why did I invent that?



Damn me.

From ambeart
I lurk.
I read.
I enjoy.
I speak.
The Shade is drawn.
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From Winter Solstice
Sunglasses, check.
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From Q
PERFECT rhyme for today. Is mind-reading a ninja skill?

It's a day off for me (kinda rare), and we're told that this is our last day of any kind of warmth. It's gonna be damn cold from here out....so I got my last 10 hours of a just-chilly night (aka perfect sleeping weather). I then did nothing productive all day.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
First child arrived on Friday, so my days of 10 hours of sleep are long, long gone. My wife got 1 hour last night and I think I got 3. I believe things are supposed to get better soon....zzzzzzzz.
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From kat
The Greyfeather recording was honestly a thing of beauty.
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From Stef
I love the Greyfeather recording.
However, I hate fall. But not as much as winter. I want summer back.
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From Kelli
All I know is that the tem. dropped 30 degrees in less than 24hours here and it was cold as shit outside today and now I am sick... I hate this shit.....
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From Stef
The temp dropped almost 30 degrees here also. Yesterday, it was raining, but it was in the high 50s to low 60s. Now it's 33 here. East coast temps SUCK!
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From Andre
Awww...poor Kelli!
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From Kelli
I can hardly talk.... my normal voice is gone and I sound like a man :(
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