Entry: Modern Myth: Beauty and the Beast
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From EdwoodCA
"You can go first if you like."

Gnaahh. Thanks anyway.

Happy Holidays 'n' all that jazz!
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From John Doom
Website: http://johndoom.blogspot.com/2005/12/king-and-donk
King Kong was brilliantly re-done by Peter Jackson who has fully proven himself in the ranks of "awesome directors". The writing, scoring and cinematography are all amazing. With powerful acting as well, this a high quality film that I would recommend to anyone who can suspend disbelief for three hours.
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From Unsomnambulist
Website: http://offlineadventures.com
I must say, I was disappointed by Kong. Ridiculously too long, too many flat characters, and some shoddy effects.
The second hour was awesome, though - as was Kong himself. I even really liked Naomi Watts.
But Adrien Brody's talents were totally wasted, he had zippo chemistry with anyone else on screen.
Jackson took an hour to set up their arrival on the island, but then rushed through the scenes with the natives and our inevitable meeting of Kong.
When we get back to New York, the movie lost all air and excitement. We all know the story, but Jackson didn't add anything or expound upon it.
Unfortunately, unlike LOTR, I don't think I'll need to rewatch this Peter Jackson production ever again.
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From jellyfish
Website: http://jellyfishonline.blogspot.com
No, but this might be a good place to link to the War of the Worlds review I told you about (warning - lots of snark, here)-


Can't quite get my brain around the html right now, gang. Sorry!
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From AJ
Website: http://www.ajgentile.com
Does Adrian Brody have talent? He has a big nose, yeah. But talent?

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From Katie Watson
Hayes and Jimmy is a new relationship. We've been debating the point of it but haven't come to the conclusion.

The last line is the last line of the original.
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From EM
Just curious...

Did you see the movie before or after you read the screenplay?

Did you read the entire screenplay?
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
I did not read the screenplay:

"I do not know much about the story of King Kong. I know the iconic poster from back in the day and I know of the swatting planes thing, and that is all. Thus, I look at Kong with no expectation or prejudice, save what marketing has promised and what I know of team Wingnutís abilities."

I came in as I so prefer to: Knowing nothing.

You can tell where the writing is good, though, while watching a film: Whether good or bad, the foundation of a work is not easily hidden.

From EM
That makes sense. You can't make a good movie with a bad screenplay, but you can make a bad movie with a good screenplay.

I enjoy seeing a writer get acclaim as much as I despise the contrary when it is unjustified. Doesn't really apply here, but if someone wants to be harshly critical of the writer, they at least owe the screenplay a thorough read first.
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From Steve
Thought it was OK. Should have been great. There is a reason that creative control is dispersed when making most movies. Someone should tell Lucas that as well.
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From ron
fuck, do you like ANYTHING?
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
I knew someone was going to say that. Please see the favorites page, ass. wink

No but really, there are few films that I like enough to not weigh them at all. Then, there are other films that I think are great or solid films, but personally the story may not be one of my favorites so they may not be listed. I don't talk about everything I see, after all.

Anyway, you're just getting at me, Ron, because you still think the Harry Potter films are good.

(Incidentally, you are still wrong.)

From Kyle
about the X-men movie, I'm pissed that gambit isn't in there. He's the best X-man there is.
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From Stef
I was kind of disappointed by Kong. The first hour bored the hell out of me. It took way too long to get to the story. Then when Kong finally came in and the story really started to get rolling, I found myself completely annoyed with how many scenes could have been shorter and how little I cared about the characters. Also, Jack Black kind of annoyed me throughout the whole thing.
Jess, is the moment you're talking about when Naomi Watts is walking up the street in NY and is reunited with Kong? Because when that scene came on, all I kept thinking was how fantastic that would have been had I not already seen it. I think it would have been my favorite scene.
Also, who knew what without being told on camera? I didn't catch that.
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From Steve
Gambit sucks
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae

1. Jack Blackís character knows about the Captainís stash of chloroform et cetera, but it was Brodyís character who has the big moment of seeing all that crap during the setup. Brody never tells Black about that stuff on screen. (Unless it was when I was in the bathroom, but C.Sto says this isnít the case.) I know thatís something the audience might overlook or easily justify. I argue that they shouldnít have to.

2. I speak of the moment when Wattís character is between the Rex and Kong, and steps back into Kongís protection. Thatís an important moment in their relationship. A turning point, even.

The moment you note also would have done better to be left out of the trailer. But, as I said, marketing is tricky that way. I usually error on the side of mystery. Iím pretty sure that the studios would say (and may have numbers to back it up) that holding back doesnít put people in the seats.

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