Entry: The Battle of Christmas
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Official Comment From C.Sto
I just want to say for the record, I was really sick! And the reason M.Sto didn't want me emptying the dishes is because she didn't want me getting my germs on the clean dishes.

PS - Jessica, stop trying to make yourself seem cooler than me on your website, we all know that I'm the awesome Sto.

From Jen
Awww, Jess stop picking on C. Sto!! Tee hee hee...hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! smile I love you!!

Official Comment From Jessica
Do you see what a baby she is? Anyway, I busted my tail bone while snowboarding two weeks ago and it still hurts like a mutha... so I'm saying my tail bone outranks your sickness so stop yer crying. I hadn't even posted anything about my busted tail until now and that's only because you forced me to play that card. Normally, I wouldn't have brought it up because I'm hard core.

I really should go to the doctor and get an x-ray or something. Breaking my tail bone would fit nicely into the events that have occurred over the past week so I'm sure that it is severed in two or something crazy-insane like that.

From Dan
Maybe aliens kidnapped you and stole part of your tail bone to create an anecdote for a disease on their remote planet. Then they created your day of ruin so that you wouldn't know that you were really in their spaceship the whole time. Try to remember it all so you can write a script about it and play yourself in the feature film.

From Coco
Haha...this sounds like my family at christmas. More power to ya Catie, this "sick" card always works.


From Amanda
Haha. C.Sto sounds like me. Except I never pull the "but I'm sick card". But I always try to avoid doing things at home cuz I'm so lazy. My parents never take me seriously and say I should try to act more like a responsible older sister. I'm such an immature older sister. LOL
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