Entry: Every Bleed
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From Unsomnambulist
Website: http://offlineadventures.com
Yay! It worked. Whats the prize?
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From EdwoodCA
Awesome. Badass.

"Iíll rip him up the middle."

Then you can smile as he gets up off the ground!
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From Jan
That's really a coded entry about Hoollywood writing 'pitches', isn't it? wink

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From Matt
Website: http://www.mattebert.net
Give'em hell!!!
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
RSS locked and Loaded.
Newsgator with Outlook rocks!
Blog entries look just like unread e-mails.
All for $12 a year.

Wingmen standing by for new home page.
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From AlCantHang
Website: http://www.alcanthang.com/poker
RSS reader checking in.
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From Smapdi
I've been using RSS here for quite a while. I've always wondered why the entire post doesn't show up in RSS....
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From Stephanie
Website: http://www.medusaeyes.com
Commenting just to let you know I'm here!!

RSS rocks.
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From Jessica #2
You go, Sto.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
Smapdi - On most blogs it is an option to publish either the entire post via RSS or to just publish the first X number of characters. Since Jessica's is a custom job, I think she has to enter specific text she wants to show up in the RSS feed for every post she makes. That forces people to go to the actual article on her web site, and increases the likihood that people will read and/or post comments. I don't know if she planned this situation delibertly (she is pretty smart), or if it was an accident.

Hers is one of the few blogs where I actually go to the web site, and I do that obviously because I don't get the post via RSS. Most of my friends publish the full article, so I never go to the actual web site/blog...I read it all in my RSS reader.

And that is probably way more than you really wanted to know...

And yes, I am an IT consultant for my day job.

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From Shawn
Website: http://daio.typepad.com
This is a secret post? Didn't know that until reading the comments...hmmm.
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From The Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
Right you are Curt. Being the author of the "custom job", i can tell you Jessica enters a description for the RSS feed which is different than the actual article. This serves a few purposes.. including driving traffic to the site by encouraging interaction, and letting her leave cool little tidbits to those who follow along in the RSS that the casual reader will miss. From time to time, people ask if we can include the article text in the RSS feed, but that kind of eliminates the need for the site to begin with -- MSto and I don't work our asses off making this site pretty and functional in a web browser only for you guys to limit your interaction to an RSS reader. smile

From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
I should have given The Gunn and MSto their props for the technical and design work behind the scenes. You can't have a superior product such as JSTO.COM without good technical support! Otherwise you just have blogger.com. Like me.
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