Entry: Dare to Know
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Official Comment From Jessica
PS: More info on the matter.

From dinane
Website: http://www.dinane.net
JSto, you have just made my day. Thanks for the links to things that make me giggle.
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From AP Salsman
Website: http://boog0r.livejournal.com
Why is it that the almighty J.Sto doesn't exist in the world known as Wikipedia? One may need to log in and fix that...
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From Peter
Wait a minute...

Nobody is spamming me about "hoodie." Anti-Canadian discrimination?
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From Peter
That was "hoodia," ladies and gentleman. Hoodia.
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From Jason
Website: http://www.soodz.com
People don't know about Wikipedia? Even my not-so-internet-savvy father-in-law goes there for facts.

What do Americans call hoodies? I don't recall it coming up in a conversation. (I just moved to CA six months ago.) In some places around Canada they are also called bunny hugs. I think it is hilarious when my father-in-law, who looks like a biker with a shaved head, goatee and earrings asks where his bunny hug is.
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