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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
Too often we get too caught up in our lives to remember that there's a whole rest of the world out there. Too often we picture that rest of the world as we see it through our TV screens, over foldout trays that shoulder TV dinners and through minds that hear only newsspeak.

It's good to be able to turn off that TV. The fact that you still remember how is probably why I like you so darn much. People forget their own humanity, but it's nice to be reminded that someone still remembers.

Good post.
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From Dave Grant
Website: http://www.greatestblogeverwritten.blogspot.com/
To be truthful, I consciously avoid a lot of what happens on the news. Not because I don't care, but because it makes me angry. And I feel powerless to change it.

Religion. Race. Nationality. They are all walls we put up that seperate us from our fellow man to make them different. To make them less.

And I'm troubled enough by the things happening within our own walls. Things happening to people I know and have worked with.

Things like this.
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Official Comment From Jessica
I'm sorry to hear about constables Cameron and Bourdages.

From Stef
I follow the news. I love Anderson Cooper 360. I even turn on Fox News sometimes for a laugh.
It's sad that most people around me act like I'm an alien or something if I know what is going on in the world. While playing Battle of the Sexes with some friends, one of the answers to a question was Guantanamo Bay and they were stunned that I knew the answer. Tonight at trivia, the guy doing the trivia was shocked that there were people that knew what the Patriot Act was (I think only two teams, mine included, got that one).
And now when something important is going on, no one around me cares. Now is the time in which everyone should care because big stuff is going down. Just by flipping through the news stations or looking online at news or in the paper, the headlines are all about Israel and Lebanon, so you know it's big. I agree with you completely that now is the time to start watching the news. We all need to stay informed.
nd to Dave, you may feel powerless to change things, but you're not always. You can't stop things by yourself, but if everyone gets together, things can happen. Just look at Darfur. Things haven't gotten better there and we haven't given them all the help we promised, but because people (including myself) wrote letters and made phone calls and marched in DC (missed the march), much attention was brought to it and everyone was successful in making hte government volunteer aid. Bush even gave a press conference on the horrors going on there and what our involvement would be.
We all have a voice and that voice is more powerful than any other weapon in the world.
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From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://www.geocities.com/exastra/home.htm
when i read this quote in Time Magazine from a letter written by Albert Einstein-- an astute man in more than just physics, i thought of your post:
"I shut my eyes as best I can to the insane goings-on in the world at large, having completely lost my social consciousness. How can anyone merge in such a social monstrosity if one is a decent person? A fleeting glance at the newspaper is enough to make one disgusted with our contemporaries."
that was in 1916.
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