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Still surfing...: Here's a little something about Le ArcLight by our friend Bonner at b.la.

From Sean Stubblefield
I hated Narnia. fortunately, i didn't pay. it is a dispicable shame when art becomes a sacrifice to the petty gods of politics and profit. i'm disgusted by government and religious flakeys presuming to know what's best for us and then forcing it on us (for our own good), like the ban on smoking. I don't smoke and i think it's gross and stupid, but the government has no business preventing people from doing it, or denying private property to allow it.
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From James Cooper
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The state of the entertainment industry in general has become a rather depressing subject. Maybe it's directly attributable to those powers behind it -- it probably is. But for every fifty movies put out I'm only ever excited by one or two and often they still wind up being a letdown.

So that's why we need TSL and other such endeavors to be realized. No more of the same tired formula with the same tired actors, give us something to be excited about and not disappointed by.

Is that really too much to ask?

As to Politkovskaya, she was indeed an incredibly brave journalist, especially since despite several threats upon her life she continued to expose the truth the government didn't want known. Her assassination isn't a surprise, unfortunately, but hopefully it will have the opposite of the intended effect and more brave seekers of truth will emerge.
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