Entry: Knots in the Cartwheel
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Official Comment From Jessica
PS: Last night, prior to the run of poor luck, I saw Madd the big biker at the Portal to Another Dimension Starbucks. He now calls me Wyatt Earp. At first I thought he was calling me, "white girl," but no, it's Wyatt Earp. He says it's in my attitude.

This means that I am some sort of newly discovered kind of badass. (As opposed to the sort of badass I already knew I was.)

Anyway, I can completely hide in Maddís shadow because he dwarfs me. Donít ask me why he casts a shadow at night. He just does.

From James Cooper
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Urgh, I guess it's all fun and games until Jessica injures herself.

However, being called Wyatt Earp is seriously badass.
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From Dave Grant
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For some reason, seeing Madd the big biker at Starbucks waters down the image somewhat......

What I want to know is, how did it come to be that there were bedroom cartwheels and no vlog? Sorry to hear about the misfortune, though. No fun.

Illness. Injury. Property damage. Sounds like protection might be required. From self mostly. smile
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Official Comment From Jessica
Dave, what?! Clearly you have never seen 40 huge, Michael Clark Duncan-esque bikers all in black leather vests with their names on the back pull up to a Starbucks/Portal to Another Dimension/Gower Gulch all at once at 11PM. That's no image: That's a movie.

From Sean Stubblefield
yeah, pain sucks, but getting through it is "fun". ish. pain endured might not be a sign that you're alive, but a sign you are mighty/awesome. i once cracked my wrist while trying to avoid getting hit by a car while biking, and another time actually getting hit. oddly, the hit caused less serious damage than avoiding the hit. doing "gymnastics", i cracked my tail bone and my foot twice. i didn't go to the doctor and i healed up fine. a ninja laughs at pain. haha-ow!
the point is, i think i can relate. and i'm thinking i should probably dance more. no witnesses.
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