Entry: Trust Me
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From Sean Stubblefield
Regarding the GooTube fuss: I do realize and sympathize that creators rely on being paid for their creations, and I believe they should be. However, if I buy a book, I don't need the writer's permission to sell it on ebay or loan it. There's a difference and distinction that has to be made to maintain freedom of artistic dissemination and private ownership. What kind of ownership would I really have over something that I buy if I need the manufacturer's permission to use it? I don't advocate stealing. I merely question the definitions of stealing and ownership when something becomes public domain or is bought and paid for.


Concerning the decline in trust, I think some of the blame/ responsibility can be attributed to the public. We The People distrusts the status quo because they have allowed, by their indifference, to let the status quo degrade. We complain about litter in the streets as we litter... wondering why the streets are so nasty, assuming we even care. -that was a metaphor, but also not.
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From Sean Stubblefield
Stereotypes-- like legends and myths-- are based on truth; government and corporate activity is conforming to caricatures of their own stereotypes of corruption... creating an appearance, impression or assumption of impropriety.
They suffer a negative reputation of their own making, by which We The People suffer. They continually cry "wolf", as if they don't comprehend the connection between cause and effect, wondering why the public doesn't trust them.
Trust is faith, and we have no faith in our government and corporations to serve our best interests.
We distrust the politically/ economically powerful because they are motivated by politics and economics. We distrust because of things like Loose Change/Oil companies, AND things like Loose Change/Oil companies are possible because we distrust them. Conspiracy-myths like this and Big Business and Roswell and Illuminati serve to reveal a dichotomy-- actual or perceived-- between the "official" story and the truth, between what is said and what is done, between what they ought to do and what they really do.
As with all organic entities, form follows function. These myths serve as frustration release, to express an oppressed, unpopular belief or impression that certain facts don't add up, don't manifest the mainstream picture puzzle... that we are being lied to. Motives are questioned because a suspicious falsity is intuited, observed or deduced, then pondered, investigated and challenged.

There can be no social currency--or trust-- until we, as a society, seriously value and demand trustworthiness, and no longer tolerate betrayal of our trust as a matter of course.
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From Sean Stubblefield
Whether speaking of politicians or corporations or movie/TV studios, I propose that the "decline in trust" phenom occurs because they believe they can/will get away with being disrespectful and untrustworthy. Either because they don't expect to get caught, or that's just how things are done (standard operating procedure-- "everyone does it" or "it's expected" or "just following orders"), or they are unchallenged. And the root of this disregard for quality is a lack of dignity. What is more commonly referred to as "character". Such people are not motivated by concerns for honor or self-respect, so their word is made meaningless, preferring convenience over conviction. They settle for a path of least resistance and least common denominator, instead of pursuing excellence in their behavior. These things are casually dismissed as "idealistic", aka impractical or pretentious or naive.
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