Entry: Far Away, Close to Home
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From Rick
An 11 year old Iraqi kid threw a grenade at a Humvee in Hawijah Iraq on Oct 11. It killed one of my two best friends, 27 year old CPT Shane Adcock of Richmond VA. Shane believed in what he was doing over there, believed he was helping the Iraqi people. He was proud to be a soldier and an American and I am proud I was his friend and brother. He will be missed, as will all those we have lost. There is no political leaning to this post, just thought it fit with the Marine story JSto put up. If you are religious please keep Shane and his widow Jen in your prayers.
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From Curtis M Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
What frustrates me the most is how we got to Iraq. Ignoring the issue of if the Iraq population is better off now than they were under Saddam, I'm still angry that the Government told us they had WMDs (which they didn't), while not doing anything about North Korea (which did). And they clearly did not have a plan for what was to happen after toppling Saddam or even what to do now.

And I am going to remember that when I vote today.

There is a line in a Star Trek:TNG episode where a Romulan ship captain says something like, "People blame the military for the wars we are asked to fight." The good news is that I don't think people blame the military. I think people have a great deal of respect for the troops (most of them, at least). Where I think many people are frustrated is the perceived lack of ability to make any progress over there, and the perceived incompetence of our Government leaders.

And I am going to remember that when I vote today.

Which I am going to do right now.
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From Sean Stubblefield
in this age of cynicism, it's easy to forget that soldiers are individuals, not statistics. Ours and theirs. we tend to categorize people in ways that don't allow for individuation (like calling people consumers or demographics or them/ the enemy). i'm of two minds about America's duplicitous entry into Iraq. on the one hand, i am annoyed by the Bush Admin's dishonesty. i think it's this kind of pervasive dishonesty that causes us to be so cynical.
on the other hand, sometimes you need to lie to protect a greater truth, do bad things to cause a good. if the lie expedited an effort to liberate or correct, then i approve. but if it was an effort to dominate or pillage, i condemn. i realize it could be both. and i believe the ends can justify means. regardless of how or why we entered Iraq, if it ultimately makes the world a better place, then all's well that ends well. As the Hagakure says: "The end is important in all things."
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