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From Dave Grant
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Depending on what you say, perhaps we'll figure out why you didn't talk to him. Looking forward to the 'review'.

I know what it's like to want to engage someone (famous/important/interesting?) in conversation but failing to do so either because it's uncomfortable or there is a lingering feeling that it would be improper to do so. Job hazard.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Haha— Well, usually I have a rockin' time at those things. Last night was strange: It was like I went to the prom and didn't dance.

(Review forthcoming.)

From Sean Stubblefield
i suspected your absence was busy-ness; awaiting patient for J.Sto to return. i always enjoy your stories and analyses.
you know i know exactly what you mean about tinkering, making mental notes of improvement. i'm still eager to see Pan's, though the term "heart-breaking" is apt if it is so flawed, and depressing that i may now anticipate flaws. you (the specific and generic YOU) want these kinds of movies to do well, for the sake of storytelling and the genre. (but don't think you ruined it for me-- you're only the messenger)
in the trailer, it looks amazing and beautiful. i'm also excited about The Fountain... please tell me good news.

i was hoping the gala experience would be more pleasant/ productive for you this time, considering the movies involved. but i do understand how those kinds of parties can be: more chore than fun, especially when you feel superfluous and bored, which can sap one's initiative to engage others, like Aronofsky. i imagine there is some regret at a missed opportunity for you.

I saw The Queen this weekend, and it really was a surprisingly good movie. better than i expected, and definitely one of the top 5 best movies this year. i'm also interested in http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/thegoodshepherd/

as well as http://www.apple.com/trailers/weinstein/bobby/

most of the last 2/3 of Conversations With God was a decent movie, but the book is much better. (i was ammused when a couple left just at the point when it became clear that this story's God was not that of the bible-- bonus!) and stay away from the horrendousness that is Harsh Times. not even Bale could redeem it.
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