Entry: Showdown at the Gower Gulch
Official= Official Comment

From Sean Stubblefield
Jess, if you owe the man a coffee, why not oblige him? Seems the decent thing to do. Or is this all just a game to you? wink

PS- Worcestershire sauce. waHA!
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From Q
"As we pull away The Stranger swivels in to the bar. As his
voice fades:

THE STRANGER: Say friend, ya got any more a' that good sarsaparilla?..."
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Official Comment From Jessica
Hello, he already had coffee.

When the forces of the universe unite and he ends up in line behind me, then I will oblige.

And he tricked me into this whole free coffee thing, anyway.

From Curtis M Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
That sounds like the start of a story...

How, exactly, does one go about tricking Jessica Stover?

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From Kerri
It's easy, Curt. You create a fake contest. She enters it. You notify her that she's the big winner. She shows up to collect her prize and finds you waiting --

With your dodgeball (ball) ready.
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