Entry: Stairway to
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From Mike
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... a happy Valentine's Day?

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From Curtis M Sawyer
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From Sean Stubblefield
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Parts Unknown (TM)

Interesting how the psychological impression and contextual implication would be different if the vantage were downward.
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From James Cooper
Website: http://www.visiblewear.com/
The Land that Time Forgot.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Your mom's house.

Official Comment From Jessica
Or maybe,

To the doorways of the West-Wind,
To the portals of the Sunset,
To the earth's remotest border,
Where into the empty spaces
Sinks the sun, as a flamingo
Drops into her nest at nightfall
In the melancholy marshes.
–Henry W. Longfellow

Those stairs bring destiny to mind.

At this stage, could you imagine me shooting them downward?


Net yet.

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