Entry: Fun With Photos (Draftwork)
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From Jameson
-Gemini on My Mind-

Reminds me of several Star Trek DVD jacket covers...
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From Katie
Website: http://www.katiedurham.com
I love playing with photos. It's one of my biggest time-wasting activities. Perhaps THE biggest.
I don't have a Mac, though. I just use Photoshop. If you click the link to my site, you'll see one of my recent most-favoritest photo manipulations. It's my title banner right now. (Not trying to site-whore, I promise. I'm just sharing wink
One of my all-time favorites, though, was when I turned my dark-haired, dark-eyed Italian best friend into a blue-eyed redhead. The result was bizarre. It was her, but NOT her at the same time...
I dig your photos, J.Sto. I think that middle one should have been a poster in my science class in sixth grade- wait a minute! There's a face in it! That took me forever to notice. Crazy rad.
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From Curtis M Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
Very, very cool. But I think I've said that already...
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