Entry: Skying
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From Dana
Brilliant and heartbreaking. I feel like should say more but that's what comes to mind.
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From Curtis Sawyer
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I get by with a little help from my friends...
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From Sean Stubblefield
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wow. most anyone else wouldn't realize what they've stepped into with such ruminations. but I know you do Know. must of cultural history is like an inside joke... you have to be there to fully appreciate it. or be able to put yourself there, conceptually.
each age, and venue, has its own gestalt or zeitgeist. it makes sense only in its own context. the cartoon we loved as a child doesn't make much sense to us as adults.like a glass of wine goes well at a dinner party, but doesn't fit with breakfast. perhaps The Beattles really only make sense in the era or mentality that spawned it, in which it existed and flourished.
what worked great in the 60s may not work so well in the 90s. different time, different sensibilities and tastes. what didn't work in the 60s may work in the 90s. the time of audio/ video tapes has passed; though not their usefulness.

i feel sorry for the youth of today, because they seem to have little or no sense of history, or an ability to appreciate it. all they know is what's in front of them- and then only barely, briefly. can they appreciate or enjoy Pac-Man?
similarly, people more concerned with business aspects than aesthetic concerns ignore or are oblivious to artistic frameworks. they don't "get it", are incapable or unwilling to consider art in proper context. ironically, they try to sell things without understanding true value or meaning. that's why jackasses own the rights: because to them, it is merely something to own. this is why you get crap like Transformers and Superman Returns: the creators don't actually comprehend what they've got.
we can often take things for granted-- like the past, and need to re-examine them occasionally. which may mean applying fresh eyes, and perspectives. what's old is new again?

as you suggest, history/memory is a series of stories. culture is myth. not fake or necessarily untrue. but myth, in its true sense. we should be careful how we interpret. and how we execute (in every sense of that word)these stories we take for granted. culture defines itself, and in the process defines us, symbiotically. when we speak of the 60s, or 80s, or 90s, we are denoting particular periods of culture, of historical attitudes/ platitudes. it isn't "just" music. not "just" a TV show. it is the lives we live(d). yet we treat it as no more important than yesterday's lunch, forgetting that we wouldn't be where we are today had we not eaten then.
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