Entry: Discovered
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From Amanda
Website: http://www.vegchica.blogspot.com
No more jess on aol?! :( Can you at least do a good bye video showing some of the scenes you edited out?
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From Cat
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/~kittycatness
No more "CQ Jess" on Aol?! You do know that a bunch of people will prolly stage a revolt against AOL, right? just making sure you know. But I see why you're doing it. Seriously, and that only makes you the stronger. and when I start acting, and someone asks me who my biggest influence growin up was besides my family, I'll say "CQ Jess, Aka, Jessica Mae Stover. Oh, right, and Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp." And we're all watching for you to become insanely famous and be your same WICKED AWESOME self.
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From Jen
Jessica Stover...I LOVE YOU! smile
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From Corey
Have you ever been overestimated? Completely understood? Never pigeonholed?
Yea...that's my life...never living up to the expectations people had of me...ever since i left Hilldale School for the Gifted, things have been all downhill. Hooray for Hollywood! *Please note sarcasim in last sentence*
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Official Comment From Jessica
Amanda: That would be fun, but it won't be happening. You'll just have to watch the outtakes from before!

Everyone: Thanks for your kind words and support. smile

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