Entry: Inbox: When I Grow Up
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From Amanda
My list of "When I grow Up..." smile

Preschool: Toys 'R' Us Owner
Elementary School: Teacher Dolphin Trainer Author
Middle School: Marine Biologist Zoologist & Author
High School: Zoologist Vet & Author
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From Kelli
I dont know why but I am laughing my ass off at this entry....
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From kelli
and i forgot to mention, I wanted to be a weather girl, a race car driver, a marine biologist, teacher, firefighter, princess, and a rich house wife with two kids and five dogs..
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From Jen
When I grow up...hmmm...

Preschool: Doctor, Pet Store Owner
Elementary School: Vet, Writer, Movie Star
Middle School: Singer, Video Game Tester, Voice Over Actress
High School: Singer/Musician, Voice Overs, Psychologist, Pediatrician
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