Entry: Saddle Up, Ladies
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From Kris
I agree Jessica. I'm never getting married!! Although that episode of friends where the girls wear the wedding dresses is definitely my favorite. I just want the dress to wear around! smile
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From Dave
Why are girls so obsessed with weddings?
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From Amanda
Haha Jess. I'm not sure if I'll NEVER get married but def. not in my 20s. I mean I need that time to have a show on Animal Planet and date Elijah Wood. wink

Dave: The same reason some girls are so obsessed about Homecoming and Prom.
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From Stef
I'm not obsessed with weddings. I always say that I'm never getting married because I don't really see the point nowadays. I cry during some weddings, mostly the fictional ones on tv or in movies because they tend to really do live happily ever after and it's just so AWE!! But yeah, I don't understand the obsession. Same with Homecoming and Prom. I would have much preferred to go to my prom in jeans, a tank top, and flip flops with my hair just thrown up in a messy bun. Maybe I'm just a strange girl though.
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From Beth
I've had my wedding planned out since I was 8 years old and now I'm 24! I can't help it! I wish I were more like you, Jessica!
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