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From ron
dude, how could you hate hellboy? that movie ruled!
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Official Comment From Jessica
1. Plot holes.
2. Stakes weren't high enough/no sense of urgency.
3. Boring/CGI super villains that were neither interesting, nor threatening.

And that's just for starters. I don't want to over analyze Hell Boy. I thought the opening sequence was good. I liked the masked guy. Some of the characters and ideas were excellent. It was the execution that I thought was poor. The script sucked. At least Daredevil and The Hulk made sense. In this movie, the motivations and tasks were not clear. Too many cheesy moments, jokes that didn't hit and instances where we were slammed over the head with the theme. I understand what they were aiming for, but they didn't hit the mark.

I actually think Hell Boy would be an awesome cartoon.

I know it's an action flick, but that doesn't mean we as movie goers shouldn't demand better. If X-Men can do it, other comic franchises can. Demand more of Hollywood. After all, YOU are paying for it!

Let me know if you want to get into it further over Hell Boy. I'd be happy to oblige.

Official Comment From C.Sto
I'd rather watch 'A.I'. ten times in a row than see 'Hellboy' again, that's how bad it was.

I've seen 'A League of Their Own' at least 5 times in the past two weeks. That movie is awesome.

From Amanda
Hellboy looks stupid in the trailors and the critics give it a 'B'. I plan to see Eternal Sunshine instead. And I can't wait to see Mean Girls.
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From Tara
Dude I love a league of their own. Thet is the best movie. I liked A.I. but I hated the end.. it was so sad. I hate sad endings. The last movie I saw in the theatre was Secret Window. It was good. I was dying to see Eternal Sunshine ever since I saw the previews on other movies. I don't even care about Hellboy. it is just too dumb. Like the hulk, I hated the hulk, Im not even going to capitalize the h in it because I hated it that much.I just rented Empire Records today, I liked it. I was like 6 when it came out so.. but anyways I want to see Mean Girls, and 13 going on 30. I like those kidsy like movies. War movies rock too. I don't like watching a bunch of people die over and over again though, they could do without that, but thats what makes it action-ey I guess. You should redo Paul Walker. I saw timeline and it rocked. Wasnt that the name? I can't remember. Its april too. Find an aries..or sumthing that has to do with april.. you know..well I am tired.. 11:21
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From Tara
Did anyone see Lost in Translation? I barely understood it, I didnt even see the point of the movie. He was in Japan, so was she. They became friends. Walk around Japan, they kiss. THE END. Point?
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From Jen
Poor M.Sto...If I ever had a site I wouldn't make fun of my mom...wait, yeah I probably would. It must wear her patience thin to have kids like Jessica and C.Sto...ha! JK Jess, you know I love you! (And C.Sto too...and she's pretty!)
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From Tara
ME? or Jessica? because I hate movies based on dumb stuff like Marvel comics. Spiderman was probably the only comic book based movie I could stand to watch. Except Daredevil. The only reason I liked Daredevil was because Colin Farrell was in there. He is hot no matter what, I loved the part in the beginning where he is in the bar and he got bullseye on each of the arrows and the dude called him Irish peice of filth or sumthin and he shot the paperclips in his neck. That rocked. I wish I could do that if sumthin says sumthin I dont like. I wouldn't kill them neccesarilly but it would be cool to warn them with. "BEWARE, for I have a paperclip and I know how to use it!" *people laugh* "Aim...Fire" *breaks the glass on table* *mouths drop* That was way to unrealistic..lol. Pardon my Psycho self.. lol.. yeah I'm just gonna shut up.. sleepy time.. 11:21, laterz all.
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