I wasn’t sure if it was OK to e-mail you…? – Aaron
Of course you can e-mail me. I just won't write back. (You understand.) No really, I receive more than my fair share of mail and I do read each letter. I can only respond to a small portion, however, and for obvious reasons Wingmen take precedent.

Some things I look for: Stuff that has to do with my interests, comments that are too personal to post, introduction letters from new readers or other artists, broken links and errors found on the site, legitimate business inquiries and anything else that doesn't deserve to be read publicly under the comments, such as illegal government secrets that can aid me in taking over the world.

Regarding general comments on entries: I adore comments. Even if I don't respond to them, I read them all a few times, really. Plus, I don't require you to log in and you can create a nickname if you so desire, so please don't e-mail me comments that can be public. There is no reason for you to hide your mad wit away from the collective.
I saw you on a message board—
Pshaw. I don't post on message boards. I have never posted on web message boards. If you saw my name on any message board, chat or forum, then it was someone impersonating me. Some of them are quite good; they use phrases that I've been saying forever, they sound like my voice, use my initials, my e-mail, et cetera. I am aware of quite a few of these instances and other factual mistakes that come up when you Google me, so please don't believe anything that is not on this site: If I have something to say, I will say it here. Even credible sources are incorrect on the most basic information. I also don't do Facebook, MySpace or anything like that*, so those profiles are not to be believed. Send me an e-mail if you have questions regarding my words online or any facts presented about me.

*Exceptions to this are profiles for ARTEMIS ETERNAL and my @JSto Twitter, which are me. Anything to do with me is always linked via an official JSDC site.
I noticed that you don’t have a creative commons license. You should get one. – Scott
No. CCL doesn't fit my needs because in NO way do I clear anyone to perform any of my work, to use any of the ILLUSTRATIONS, PHOTOS, VIDEO or AUDIO found on this site or to archive the material on this site on their own site. You can link to JSDC, sure, but you may NOT remove or copy my materials for usage anywhere else. As labeled, JSDC is ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Read the full terms here.

I cannot stress enough (because we continue to have problems with infringement, and it really hurts us across the board) that you may not use any of the The Silver Legacy artwork, any of my photos or any other JSDC media under any circumstances without direct written permission from myself.
What's your favorite... – Everyone and Their Mother
Every possible answer to that question is on this list.
Do you have JSDC banner art I can use to link to you from my site? – Daniel
For you? Anything. (Right click to save:)

What is the best way to view JSDC? – Doug
I format everything on a Mac/Safari, so JSDC text looks best and is fitted properly when viewed on Safari.

The second best way to view JSDC is on Firefox.

The worst way to view JSDC is on Explorer.
I don't understand all of the abbreviations. You should have a legend on the side somewhere. – Triana
Sto = Stover. Can also be used to replace verbs such as in the case of the Smurfs.
Ex: "Sto me that hammer!"
C.Sto = My sister, the future President of the United States of America
The Viking King = My brother
The Professor = Sto friend
JSDC = Jessica Stover Dot Com
The Gunn = First JSDC Webmaster (now retired)
The Shade = The Collective of JSDC Lurkers
J.Sto = Awesome
M.Sto = My Mom
The Grizz = My Dad
Kyle & The Digibyte Kid = Aspiring Internet Super Villains. Who are 10. And my cousins.
Why is your father called "The Grizz"? You call your mom M.Sto but your dad's not D.Sto. I'm just curious. – Amanda
The History of The Grizz:
I'll preface this by saying that my Dad is all about telling jokes. A couple of years ago two of my girlfriends and I went camping, and M.Sto and Daddy Sto picked us up afterward. (I used to call him Daddy Sto prior to this anecdote.) While freezing our asses off in the back of M.Sto's Toyota we recounted our story of trials, tribulations and wilderness glory...

Jessica: Instead of hanging our food from a tree we just ate it all so that the bears wouldn't get us!
Dad: Oh man, have you girls heard this one? One time this guy went into the woods and he saw this big ol' grizz--
Girls bust into ridiculous sniggering--
Jessica: You're a big ol' Grizz!
The End.

Related Photo: The Grizz in his natural habitat.
Jessica, why are you so retarded? And why do you tell stories that aren't even true about your sister C.Sto? Thanks, – Anonymous Jessica Hater
Dear, "Anonymous Jessica Hater," how strange is it that you have the same e-mail address as my sister, C.Sto? Anyway, I can assure you that all of the stories about C.Sto are 100% true and that I'm only 23.7% retarded.
Why do you list your location on each writing entry? – Tim
Misdirection, Timmy. Misdirection. The listing confuses my many stalkers so that they cannot locate me. The effect of this is similar to that of the game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I may write "Los Angeles," but actually I'm in Japan at a secret Dojo in the midst of Wudan training with Master Obi Wan Madagaski, the Third.
Will you ever publish any of your fiction writing on your site? – Eddie
No. That shit is not for free.

Of course, I may change my mind.
What sort of things do you like to get and could I send you something aside from e-mail?
– Katie
Unfortunately I do not yet have a P.O. box for such things. Perhaps if many people want to send me stuff I will invest in one. Things I like to get include but are not limited to: CDs of the sender's favorite mix of songs, handwritten letters, Harry Winston diamonds, stickers, money, newspaper/magazines clippings related to my interests, appropriate drawings and original art, fancy pens, photos of amazing landscapes (especially if they are ripped out of a wall calendar), ribbon, invitations, books, vintage t-shirts, a motorcycle and photos of people looking at my awesome photos.
Which is cooler: Ninjas or Pirates? – David
I will answer this question in exchange for one quarter of your soul.

Ninjas are cooler than Pyrates.

This is common knowledge and is definitely a universal rule. (Much like calling "shotgun" means you are entitled to the front seat in an car. Or rickshaw.)

For anyone who was born yesterday, I will cite the battle of Will Rogers beach as my primary argument. During said battle, the Pyrates stormed Will Rogers beach on a raft made from a bunch of long boards wedged together. Then we, the Ninjas, emerged from behind some kayaks and totally pelted them with throwing stars. (Also known as water balloons.) Some of us were even buried in the sand, which is totally a Ninja trick. I, the Ninja Grandmaster, then used my stealth skills to pilfer the Pyrate's flag and escape via my friend's '95 Jetta. Back at The Dojo we composed the following letter. It was originally written on an ancient scroll in Japanese, however I have translated it into the common tongue. (English.)

Dear Pyrates,

We have your ridiculous flag and therefore your shallow souls.
If you would like flag and souls back, then you must dance
a ghey Pyrate jig in front of a large group of people.

The Ninjas

PS: You guys are ghey.

Hence, the Pyrates were faced with an impossible choice: Dance a ghey Pyrate jig on land in front of loads of people or live souless lives. Since loss of a soul results in inability to sail, drink rum or shag wenches, (as witnessed in the documentary The Pyrates of the Caribbean,) they opted for the former.

Afterward we Ninjas returned their flag. (And souls.) However, after that display of public lameness, the Pyrates have been too ashamed to show their faces on the California coastline.

Therefore, Ninjas are cooler than Pyrates. Not only did we dominate the Pyrates on the beach, but also we would never make ourselves known to the public, much less dance a ghey jig in front of a crowd.

Here is a photo from the victory of Will Rogers beach.

As you can tell, I am always composed. Even during epic wars.

IV Grandmaster Jessica Mae Stover

PS: I can tell time by looking at a cat's eye.
Do you like talking about yourself in the third person? – Jenna
Dude, no way. The Jessica hates talking about herself in the third person. A few things on the site are in the third person because they come from The Jessica's press kit. Example: The Jessica's biography. For professional reasons, The Jessica felt the need to keep those in that particular format. The Jessica rules supreme on this site.
I can't find your shows on AOL anymore! I even tried all the keywords and they didn't work. What happened? – Dee
AOL has taken down the archives. I don't mind this at all. You shouldn't either.
What does C.Sto do? She seems really cool and talented. – Curious Observer

PS: I heard that she beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out in one try, is that true?
Yes, that is true. The gifts of the Stover gene are competitiveness, athleticism, humor and an ability to dominate at all games (including video). These gifts are generally considered a good thing, but if taken to the dark side can lead to numerous red cards and bar fights.

C.Sto is involved with the government and stuff. If I told you any more on the subject, then I'd have to assassinate you. Twice. Aside from that, she spends her time gearing up to be president in 2030 and submitting FAQs about herself.
What time is it?
Hammer time.
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