Wedding Adventure: Part One 

My sister was married during my voyage east. You know this already. Except for the first photo above, which is actually an HD still, these lead-up snaps are brought to you by Erich's Viking clan. Oh, the many events over the week! Here goes: Erich and I make a video for C.Sto's shower; C.Sto arrives at her Princess shower; Stover musical chairs final four eye of the tiger grudge match (in the end I totally beat my Grandma and won!); You can't see but there are at least three Disney Princesses on that cake; Bachelorette sushi dinner; Bachelor party (obviously I wasn't there for that one); Because of C.Sto's sash and crown (and limo!) Strangers in DC asked me, "what did your friend win?" all night, so eventually I decided that she was Bride of the Year for Bride Magazine, which sounds totally believable, especially to dudes; Blocks! I'm sure you are not surprised to see me playing jumbo Legos on the floor and yes musical chairs at the shower was my idea so what; Erich's twin sisters hosted the rehearsal dinner at his father's house, where Stovers and Vikings gathered to pay homage to the ceremonial chocolate fondue fountain; HELLO, WE'RE THE STOVER SISTERS! (she hates when I say that).

I need to enable JSDC for HD vid so that I can post Sarah dancing bonkers to Beat It in the limo. You know, for inspiration.

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