Wedding Winds (Part Two) 

It's the final countdown! You know how it goes: In this corner, The Groom gets ready with his MEN, and in this corner, The Bride prepares with her 'Maids. I don't know why I capitalized "men," but it looks funny so it's staying that way. My way, your way, anyway... I'm pretty sure The Viking requested a chalkboard in his ready room so that he could outline his strategy for his teammates. Maybe we should get him a PC Tablet.

This is a testament to how many snapshots The Viking Clan takes. They have it covered from all angles, every second of the day. They are probably taking photos of you right now and you don't even know it:

Let it be known that there was a fair wind on C.Sto's wedding day. I think we eventually got at least one photo without hair over our faces, however.

I don't know? I'm smirky.

Champagne antics! Featuring Rach and Sarah and Larry, the latter of whom is extremely paranoid about the Cylons returning to Earth.

I have one billion photos and we haven't even had delivery yet from the professional photographer. True story.

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