A New Tier of Wingman 


Example: Multi-character, genre billboard

Seeking five individuals to represent role of Artemis Eternal WINGMAN. Epic imagination, loves sci-fi, fantasy and genre art/film. Is prepared to be so famous on a billboard and the Internets. Savvy. Fun on set. Team player. Non-wimp.

Crimson Level
Extremely limited: Only 5 Wingman slots available. First come, first serve. (If you are new to the project, then you can become a Wingman via this tier.)
Contribution price: $6,000.00 USD

E-mail me to reserve.

Example: Multi-character, genre billboard Hogwarts-style, foreign

You will receive:
- Crimson Aurum Wingman status on the Artemis Eternal site (Aurum on the site with link, name in online credits, insider e-mails and credit in the Artemis Eternal film).
- A role in the Wingman cast of 5, meaning we will design character, wardrobe, makeup et al around you as you become part of the final composited Wingman art and story.
- A fully produced still-photography shoot (the cast will be shooting together all in one day in a Los Angeles studio) staffed by professional artists and crew.
- A high-res version of your fully produced Wingman character art/final image (solo - just you) for personal use
- You will appear in the final composited artwork, which will be featured on an ARTEIMS ETERNAL billboard in Los Angeles, CA for at least one month. You will also receive a high-res version of this image for personal use.

Please make a reservation by inquiring via direct e-mail. Serious inquiries only. Once I have five people, we will book out with you with at least one month's lead-time. I will work to accommodate as best I can. More details:

Outdoor advert: Death Eaters on the London tube

Casting Requirements
You do not need to be a model, weigh 105 pounds or look like anything cliché to Hollywood. REALLY. You will essentially be a character doing the job of a character actor and we will design around what is unique to your personality and look. It is fine if you have zero camera experience and it is just fine if you are shy. This is still photography so obviously you don't have to worry about speaking. The shoot will be a "safe space" and we will have a blast. All I require is that you are flexible and trust me. I'll have an amazing team around us, so that's all I need from you in order to create something epic and amazing around YOU.

The concept will be based on looking urgent, badass and wielding an Aurum in some way.

You may be required to interact with a horse or sit on top of horse under the supervision of a professional wrangler in a controlled setting. You do not need to have any experience in this regard. There will be a wind machine and the environment, while cheerful, will be fast-paced. Any unique requirements such as these will be on the waiver prior to payment. Lunch will be provided. If for any reason you are unable to perform something required for the artwork, then this opportunity will not be an option for you. If you're unsure, then please inquire as I don't want anyone to miss an opportunity and of course we'll do what makes sense to incorporate who you are into the character and composite of the piece if at all possible. We reserve the right to refuse this opportunity to anyone.


Slightly less emo (but still ridiculous)

Single character

Get Ye to LA!
You will be responsible for getting to the shoot in Los Angeles. The price does not include your airfare, room, board or personal expenses. The shoot will be on a weekend, we will confirm the date with you prior to your sending a check. Please keep in mind that you will need to arrive a full day before the shoot and will not be able to leave until the day after as it will be a full day with possible extension.

Billboards, Art & You
Celebrated Artemis artist Greg Martin will be handling the post production on the images as well as collaborating with me to design your character and the artwork prior to the shoot. Artemis lead Todd Soley and I will appear on the billboard with you and four other Wingmen. The full art will be composited, meaning we will shoot you one at a time against a green screen, then do post production on your image, composite you into the final shot against a matte painting-style background. You may bask in the glory of Greg”™s work here, here, here and here.

Completely CGI, but FF does a better job than most


I will use the images to promote the ARTEMIS ETERNAL project, production company and The WINGMEN community. Obviously your image will be used for the billboard and online art, and otherwise as the project enables. I will have a waiver for you to sign prior to payment.

Billboards are a major part of the culture in Los Angeles, and are mostly centered on movies and entertainment.

For example, when HP6 came out, the city was plastered. The advert on the left is probably the best of what I've embedded.

Examples of multi-character genre billboards are embedded in this entry above. I welcome comments to some of your favorites.

The idea is more epic in scale vs. something simpler we've done in the past such as this photo of me (seen here and here.)

Greg and I have a certain philosophy and aesthetic that is echoed by the entire crew. Many of the billboard examples I included above contain poor technique such as badly photoshopped hair for windy effect, uneven lighting or scaling: essentially these images have continuity errors. We will be working to avoid production errors and the cutting of corners that studios commit when they mass advertise. Most genre billboards are too emo and fakey for my taste: Not to mention over-produced and we won't be participating in any of that head tilted-down-hero-look-to-camera cliche. What I like about the Ginny/Ron HP6 advert (the one where they're on brooms) as opposed to the others is that it reads closer to an organic moment from a scene.

The Meaning of 6k
After I have five cleared reservations, I will get in touch with waivers and more booking information, and then you will send a check or money order. If a bank transfer is required, fees will be your responsibility. You will be required to have a professional tailor take your measurements (USA measurements) and I will need you to send them to me for the costume designer.

The majority of your money will be put toward the production and distribution of these images and artwork, which is comprehensive, technical, original, highly-professional and, therefore, pricey. The value and return on investment here is higher than I've demonstrated so far: The artisans involved are professionals who work with me on a rolling basis and therefore the deals involved are incredible as we have a business-history together and I bring them ongoing work. Staging something like this for yourself independently would make the cost far higher, if you could book these levels of artists in the first place. This is a once in a lifetime sci-fantasy experience that we're very excited to be offering! Together we will be further crafting The WINGMEN story and character, and challenging the status quo of the Hollywood narrative.

Profit will be put toward Artemis Eternal concept art and pre-visualization materials we have planned alongside the new website redesign, making you a hero in terms of moving our cast, crew and community one step closer to production and helping create more art and put more talented artists and technicians to work in the name of telling great stories.

Please help this information reach the ideal Wingmen by Retweeting, blogging and sharing. I appreciate your assistance in circulating this opportunity throughout our genre communities.

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