Concept Art! Let's make it... 

There are a few Artemis Eternal things that you have been asking for. The #1 thing is concept art.

Concept art was not in my original budget because we understood that the production's design could be completed without full paintings (and indeed most of it has been). I am thus tackling this as a side project, but an awesome, beautiful and important side project.

Concept art will help the actual film and it will also help the aesthetic of the newly redesigned website, as well as aid in engaging new individuals and communities. I think you understand this and that is why you have asked for full art. So, you asked, I think you're right, and I have since been packaging this part of the project and experimenting with how best to accomplish the art with you.

I am elated to announce that the artist we will be working with is celebrated film and graphic novel artist Christopher Shy (SOUL STEALER, PATHFINDER, CONAN). Chris has been working independently for over a decade and shares our mindset. He is fabulous and patient. I cannot wait to collaborate with him and share the work with you!

Review and experience more of Chris' work here. (Soul Stealer and Pathfinder are some of the more relevant works.) Now, let's get down to creating...

Let's start with one piece. If you would like to be either the Wingman, or a part of a group of a few Wingmen, to back our first piece of art, then please shoot me an e-mail. You few and you alone will receive a limited giclée print signed by Chris and myself as well as special recognition in this portion of the new site. If you're new, this will bring you on as an Aurum-level Wingman. We'd be glad to have you.

Update: I already have TWO Wingmen who would be interested in splitting this with another. Who's next? I'm thinking a handful of you so that the amount is low and thus a great value for the contribution and your limited print!

Update: Just need one more Wingman to push this into production. E-mail me!

Update: We are go! Yes!

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