AAE - The Story So Far 

Aw yeah, son: You killed it! (Transcript)

If you're new, go to http://www.ArtemisEternal.com to become a part of our team, our film and our story.

Comments open on YouTube. Here is what you can do to help right now:

1. Get serious and e-mail the YouTube editors (they take video tip-offs here: editor@youtube.com ) and ask them to please feature this video on www.youtube.com. Tell them who you are, that you are involved and why, and why they should feature it. Rock them.
Everyone should e-mail them one time. No more, no less. We need their help.
Congrats! YouTube will be spotlighting this in the film & animation category over the next couple of weeks.

2. Send the video to everyone you know. Blog it on your blog as "AAE - The Story So Far." And if you made a Wingman video (they were all good even before my edit), then include yours in your mail as a personal message to your peoples inviting them to the project. You could also add it to your social sites, et cetera. Tell them all you are involved. Tell them why. Rock them.

3. Rock some more people. Becauseyoucan.

4. I am addicted to this video.

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